Insects on Slavegirl

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Latest Shadow Slave Gina is back in a movie which really plays on her worst fears and revulsions. When our members requested a movie which featured the forced feeding of a slave with dog food, Gina was selected for the challenge. But that wasn’t enough for Magick, who pushed her to the edge of real panic and nausea, adding the contents of an ashtray and a delightful selection of slugs and insects to the mix. Somehow the slut still just couldn’t seem to stop gushing.

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Slavegirl in BDSM torment video

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By overwhelming public demand, we are pleased to welcome back our members’ all time favourite slave girl, Emma-Louise. She returns to ShadowSlaves after a two year absence, and Magick was sure to give her a warm welcome. After ensuring she is thoroughly aroused, he reminds her what life here is like for a slave, denying her the satisfaction she craves. Slowly she sinks back into the world of degradation and horror that she had escaped for so long.

She is beaten, examined, probed, and given a firm reminder of the reasons most of our girls are completely shaven. Her delicate flesh is pinched, burned and abused. Her will is broken, her pride and self-esteem disassembled, as she is mercilessly degraded and humiliated, for no reason other than your viewing pleasure. She is finally left, crying and alone, chained like an animal, to contemplate the life to which she has chosen to return.

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Bound slavegirl in pain

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China is given a lesson in self control. She must learn to hold her position, whatever is done to her, from excruciating pain to overwhelming orgasms.
It begins simply enough as she is told do stand still through beatings, as heavy weights are hung from her nipples and cunt. She even manages to obey, as those delicate crushed areas are directly caned and whipped. But the first waves of orgasm prove she needs more encouragement to hold her position.

But this is not enough. Her ample tits are tightly bound, and tied up to the frame, as she balances precariously on tiptoes on a small box, straining to hold herself upright by handholds way above her, as she is beaten, shocked, and has her feet and ankles caned. Will she be able to balance under this abuse, or will she fall?

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Crying Slavegirl Movie

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Slavegirl: Emily Sharpe

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Emily returns to ShadowSlaves, in one of the most merciless scenes we have filmed. She had asked for an extreme experience with fire and electrical shocks, and Magick did not disappoint her.
Things start reasonably enough with an E-stim pinwheel, but it’s a matter of mere minutes before she is screaming and crying at the non-stop onslaught of crushing electrified clamps and direct electrode shocks.