Megan Maiden JOI and CEI with condom

Megan Maiden makes you eat your cum out of a condom

Megan Maiden was not just any ordinary girl. She was a seductive vixen, a hot brunette who knew exactly how to play with men’s desires and emotions. And on this unforgettable day, Megan Maiden makes you eat your own cum out of a condom! She is ready to take control and dominate you in the most arousing way.

Megan Maiden plays with a cum filled condom

As soon as the camera panned onto her luscious figure, Megan’s captivating eyes locked onto the lens, sending shivers down your spine. Her lips curled into a wicked smirk as she began her seductive monologue.

“Welcome, my little playthings,” she purred, “Today, we’re going to have some fun with condoms.” Her voice was designed by the gods to turn you on. Purely irresistible.

Wearing nothing but a clingy bra and panties that left little to the imagination. Her curves were accentuated perfectly by the tight fabric, making it impossible for anyone to look away.

“Now,” she continued, “I want you to take out your dick and start jerking off for me.” Megan’s hand slid down her body suggestively as she spoke, teasingly tracing her fingertips along her skin.

“Oh, I can see it already. That cock is throbbing for me,” she taunted with a sly grin. “And I want you to cum for me…into this condom.”

With a mischievous glint in her eye, Megan held up a small latex condom for you to see. She then proceeded to tell exactly how it should be put on, almost as if she had done this countless times before.

But that wasn’t all. Megan wasn’t finished just yet. She wanted complete control over her viewer’s pleasure.

“I want you to follow my instructions, my little bitch,” she commanded. “I want you to stroke your cock just the way I tell you to. Because when you cum, I want it to be a huge fucking load into this condom.”

Her tone was demanding yet alluring, leaving no room for disobedience. And as you followed her every command, your arousal grew to new heights.

“That’s it, keep stroking,” Megan encouraged. “I know exactly how to make that cock throb for me.”

And just as you were on the edge of their release, Megan stopped you abruptly.

“Wait!” she exclaimed, holding up the condom in her hand. “Don’t cum just yet…because I want you to eat your own cum.”

The words hung in the air, causing a mix of shock and excitement for you. Did she really mean what you thought she meant?

Megan advanced towards the camera with a devilish smile on her face, showing off the condom filled with your own jizz.

“I want you to drink it up like the good little bitch you are,” she said with a smirk. “Because let’s face it, that’s all you are to me.”

For you, this was a long-hidden fantasy come true. A chance to please your goddess Megan Maiden in any way possible. Or perhaps it was a humiliating and degrading act that fed into your deepest insecurities. Only you knew for sure.

But one thing was for sure – you couldn’t resist Megan’s commands.

And as you swallowed your own cum under her watchful gaze, Megan praised and congratulated you for a job well done.

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